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We are involved in doing various metal framing, cutting and joining operations. Our State of the Art T.I.G welding machine ensures that we can weld even the finest stainless steel sections. We have over 15 welding machines each with its own unique specifications to ensure that we can get the best weld on any steel section. Our spot welding and M.I.G welding machines come in handy when we have to do steel metal joining operations. Our Spray painting plant also provides our client with the best products by ensuring an ever and consistent coat of spray paint. Our press section caters for the needs of our high volume customers whose jobs are produced from the various dies we manufacture ourselves. Some of the Press work products are: Washers, Shoe shanks, Conduit Saddle dips, Pans, H-rackets etc. Some of our works are shown here below.

Products Products Products

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Panorama Technical Ltd is known for it's high quality state of the art exquisite products which are ready made as well as customized or tailored to the clients specification. Our services are efficient, reliable meeting deadlines. Where in need of our services and products do not hesitate to get in touch with us>>>. Click here to more on products.

Event Marketing

Panorama Technical Services Ltd markets events through various ways such as branding customizing your products to suit your event either a road show, advertisements indoor and outdoor activities. Physical visits are made to customer's premises. Feel free to get in touch with us>>>.

Brief development process

Depending on the Service that is to be offered we begin by looking at the area of study get's the staff concerned with the area;  make a survey look at the logistics; put together all the materials and equipment that are required and execute the job at hand. We work at Client's Site as requested; also making it convenient for our clients. Click here to view galleries>>>

Map of Location

Location Map to Panorama Technical Services Ltd, We are located in Nairobi Kenya; Industrial Area, Lusaka Road, City Stadium Round About, Behind Ukwala Supermarket, Godown No.9 Click here for map>>